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Top three essentials in women's imaging

Next Generation is founded on a complete commitment to you and the health of your developing baby. It is our mission to provide the very best women’s imaging and perinatal services NYC has to offer. As a result of treating many patients over years, as well as personal experience, Next Generation specializes in the three must haves for women's imaging:

1. Experience, 2. Advanced Technology, and 3. Compassion.

1. Experience – Not only experience in seeing many, many patients with many different complications, over years, but also the personal experience of having had a complicated pregnancy. Our services include education and expert reassurance. These things are essential for the very best knowledgeable and compassionate Maternal-Fetal Medicine care.

2. Advanced technology – We provide the latest, state of the art ultrasound technology including 3D/4D ultrasound as well as the most comprehensive screening and genetic testing laboratory services NYC has to offer.

3. Compassionate, warm, welcoming environment – We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease as we open our arms to welcome you into our beautiful new space. We recognize that pregnancy can stressful. We hope this stress will melt away when you enter our doors and meet our caring staff.

We strive to offer the best care possible and provide referring physicians and patients with

the information they need to optimize every pregnancy and every woman’s gynecologic care.

Next Generation Women's Imaging and Maternal-Fetal Medicine, learn more.

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Victoria Minior, MD

Dr. Minior is a perinatologist (also known as a maternal-fetal medicine specialist), which is an obstetrician/gynecologist with specialized training in obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound and high-risk pregnancies. Her office is located at 30 East 60th Street, Suite 1902

New York, NY 10022.

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