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Maternal Fetal-Medicine

Perinatal Consultation

Your obstetrician may refer you to Dr. Minior to advise on the management of a high-risk condition during pregnancy.  Perinatal consultation is helpful whenever a pregnancy is complicated by medical, obstetrical, or genetic conditions, or when there is a suspected ultrasound abnormality. Dr. Minior believes that the highest quality care is achieved when time is taken to review all of the available information and have a detailed discussion with the patient.  Telemedicine consultations are also available.

During the consultation, Dr. Minior will carefully review your medical problems, medications you are taking, your medical history and the history of your previous pregnancies as well as medical conditions that may run in your family.    

Relevant information such as lab tests, imaging studies, notes from other doctors or blood glucose logs will be reviewed.  She will then discuss with you your risks and make recommendations to optimize your current pregnancy.  This may include screening or diagnostic tests, surveillance of your fetus, precautionary measures to take, other doctors to consult with and the healthiest diet to follow. 

Dr. Minior believes that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health for every pregnant woman and her fetus.  She will also work closely with your doctor at every stage of your pregnancy to effectively manage your condition so that the best outcome can be achieved.  Prompt feedback to your doctor will be provided by phone and fax.  Referring physicians can also reach Dr. Minior 24/7 to discuss your condition or any problems that may arise.


Referring physicians can reach Dr. Minior 24/7 to discuss your condition or any problems that
may arise.


Some examples of why a patient might be referred for a perinatal consultation are as follows:

  • Gestational, Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

  • A history of hypertension or hypertension that develops during the pregnancy

  • Multiple gestation – twins, triplets

  • Previous pregnancy complicated by pre-eclampsia

  • History of premature delivery due to early labor or ruptured membranes

  • Lupus, sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis

  • Epilepsy

  • Multiple medication use

  • Previous pregnancy loss or stillbirth, or recurrent pregnancy loss

  • Drug or alcohol use in pregnancy

  • Advanced maternal age

  • Abnormal fetal growth

  • An abnormality in the fetus detected with ultrasound

  • Infectious disease during pregnancy such as herpes, toxoplasmosis, CMV or zika

  • An abnormal screening test or abnormal AFP

  • Red cell alloimmunization

  • Abnormal CVS or amniocentesis results

  • Maternal heart disease

Pre-Conceptual Consultation

Your primary OB/GYN or infertility specialist may refer you to Dr. Minior to discuss the effect of your age or any medical conditions you may have on a future pregnancy.  Dr. Minior will carefully review your medical problems and other relevant information and make recommendations to optimize you for conception.  If you are taking multiple medications, she will review the potential effects of these medicines for pregnancy and determine a course of action to minimize any adverse effects.  She will discuss with you any potential problems that could arise during pregnancy so that you feel as prepared as possible for this exciting adventure!  She will continue to work closely with your doctor when you conceive and may meet with you again after you conceive.


Dr. Minior will continue to work closely with your doctor when you conceive and may meet with you again after you conceive.


Additional Services & Specialties


We offer leading-edge prenatal ultrasound to all pregnant women throughout pregnancy.  We specialize in early diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of complex prenatal complications.


From routine to complicated cases, we provide gynecologic ultrasound with careful attention to your personal comfort.  You will receive results from Dr. Minior on the day you are seen.



A full range of state-of-the-art prenatal screening and testing modalities that provide important information about factors that may affect your baby’s health.

Advanced expertise in education, management and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy including diabetic counseling & surveillance and Nutrition counseling

Telemedicine consultations are always available.
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