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Gynecologic Ultrasound

This is an ultrasound study of the female pelvic organs, particularly the uterus, cervix, bladder, and ovaries. It can be performed in any adult woman. This test may be an aid in the detection of many types of abnormalities in these organs including ovarian and uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, polyps, fibroids, adenomyosis, and endometriosis. It can be useful to make sure an IUD is correctly placed or to determine if the uterus is empty after a miscarriage. To see the pelvic organs, both transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound is performed. Three dimensional ultrasound may also be performed.   Your doctor may send you for GYN ultrasound if you are having lower abdominal pain or abnormal vaginal bleeding but it is best to see your OB/GYN doctor first to see if you need this test.


This test may be an aid in the detection of uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, polyps, fibroids, adenomyosis, and endometriosis.

Gyn Ultrasound

Saline Infusion Sonography

This test is performed when an abnormality of the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is suspected. First, a gynecologic ultrasound is performed. Then, Dr. Minior will come in and go over how the test is performed with you. Essentially, a small amount of sterile water is placed in the uterus through a tiny plastic straw. Then, transvaginal ultrasound is performed to evaluate the lining of the uterus for polyps, fibroids or scar tissue. This test is not painful.  Dr. Minior will perform the test and review the findings with you at the end of the test.


Ovarian Follicle Count

When a woman is trying to conceive, it is often useful to examine her ovaries with ultrasound to see if any follicles (eggs) are developing. If a woman is taking medication in preparation for an IVF cycle, it is particularly important to closely monitor the ovaries for developing follicles.  This is often done by your IVF doctor but, can be performed by Dr. Minior if necessary.

Ovarian Follicle

Additional Services & Specialties


Advanced expertise in education, management and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy including diabetic counseling & surveillance and Nutrition counseling


We offer leading-edge prenatal ultrasound to all pregnant women throughout pregnancy.  We specialize in early diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of complex prenatal complications.



A full range of state-of-the-art prenatal screening and testing modalities that provide important information about factors that may affect your baby’s health.

A sub-specialty of obstetrics that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of expectant mothers and their babies as well as care of pregnancies complicated by high risk conditions. 

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