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Diabetes in Pregnancy


Three focus areas:

  1. Optimal nutrition for the health of you and your baby

  2. Blood glucose surveillance

  3. Non-pharmacologic ways to manage your diabetes

Dr. Minior offers care to all women with diabetes from preconception through postpartum. She will work with you and your physician to develop a coordinated care program to optimize the health of both you and your baby.

Gestational diabetes complicates approximately 10% of pregnancies.

Women who have diabetes have elevated blood sugar
which places the baby and mom at risk for a poor pregnancy outcome. 


You are at increased risk for diabetes in pregnancy if you:

are overweight

have polycystic ovarian syndrome

have a family history of diabetes

have had gestational diabetes before

have had a very large baby before

Dr. Minior will help you to find the healthiest diet for you and your baby so that medications in pregnancy may not be required.

of gestational diabetes

Treatment of gestational diabetes often requires changing your diet and increasing exercise. Sometimes, treatment with oral medications or insulin is required. Dr. Minior will help you to find the healthiest diet for you and your baby so that medications in pregnancy may not be necessary. Unfortunately, dietary changes are not always effective for every pregnant woman with gestational diabetes. If this is the case, Dr. Minior will help you to find the treatment you and your doctor are most comfortable with to prevent problems in the pregnancy or with the baby.

Approximately 2% of pregnancies are complicated by type I or type II diabetes. 

Women with diabetes before pregnancy are at high risk for pregnancy complications, abnormalities of fetal growth and complications in the newborn. Tight control of blood sugar is very important during pregnancy.  Dr. Minior will work closely with you to help you keep your blood sugar in the normal range and minimize these risks.  She will also work with your obstetrician or endocrinologist to ensure your pregnancy proceeds normally.

  • Gynecologic ultrasound

  • Saline infusion sonography

  • Ovarian follicle count

Prenatal screening

  • Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS)

  • Nuchal translucency screen

  • Sequential screening (Quad screen)

Diagnostic testing in pregnancy

  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

  • Amniocentesis


Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultation

  • Perinatal consultations

  • Pre-Conceptual counseling

  • Pregnancy dating/ viability scan

  • Evaluation for ectopic pregnancy

  • Fetal nuchal translucency screen

  • Early fetal anatomic survey

  • Late fetal anatomic survey

  • 3D 4D Technology

  • Fetal growth, biophysical profile & Non-stress testing

  • Fetal Doppler evaluation

  • Cervical length surveillance

  • Placental location

  • Zika (as well as other virus) screening

  • Twin to twin transfusion syndrome screening

Next Generation Services & Specialties

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